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About us

Le Guide Noir is the web’s first fashion blog influence rank that set's the guidelines to what will be the single and most important global reference for Fashion Influencers and their followers. Le Guide Noir organize's the web’s disrupted fashion blog industry in a compelling and simple way.

Le Guide Noir is the first daily stop for fashion lovers, Fashion Influencers and industry execs.

Fashion readers are able to organize their daily reads in an easy and organized way from their desktop, tablets or mobile phones.

Fashion Influencers are be able to track, compare and follow the most important metrics of their competitors measuring their performance and data in the most accurate and compelling way.

Industry Execs will have access to the most precise, direct, strategically analyzed and in-depth reports. This will enable global fashion & beauty brands to identify which Fashion Influencers to invest in to promote their products in the most efficient, cost effective and direct way.

Gonzalo Cebrian
Founder & CEO