About us

Le Guide Noir is the world’s most complete and advanced suite of tools on the market: Understanding, Inspiration, Execution, and Conversion are the foundation of the 21 exclusive modules that make up the Brand Tool, establishing ourselves as the technological partner of hundreds of brands and agencies all over the globe.

Our SaaS is the market’s one-stop shop for social performance, allowing our clients to fully manage their social media activities on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube, all in one place.

Moreover, knowing that Influencer Marketing would become one of the most important factors of any digital marketing strategy, over the last 4 years LGN has been creating a unique approach to influencer marketing to provide ad-hoc solutions for all kinds of client.

Through Big Data technology, the founder Gonzalo Cebrián sought a blue ocean strategy, opting for differentiation and untapped market space. Thus the LGN ideas were born: we help marketers maximize the performance of brands social media strategies by integrating unique solutions.

The result is an ecosystem that allows brands and agencies to work in the most efficient way, ensuring a maximum return on their investment and long-term consumer loyalty.

Gonzalo Cebrian
Founder & CEO