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Elevate your fashion brand with influencers that drive real engagement and sales, powered with AI.

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Find the Perfect Influencers to Elevate Your Fashion Brand

Unlock a world of potential with Le Guide Noir's simple search. Identify and team up with influencers from Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok who can authentically share your brand’s story.

Quick, straightforward, and effective, it's influencer matchmaking made for everyone.

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Influencer discovery

Campaign Management and Tracking


Maximize Your Influencer Marketing ROI

Launch and oversee your influencer campaigns with ease. Add influencers handpicked by you or selected with your team into your campaigns.

Le Guide Noir simplifies capturing content, monitoring sales, and analyzing performance. Track the impact of your campaigns in real-time, all in one place.

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Universal Inbox®

All Your Conversations in One Place. Transform how you connect with influencers using LGN's Universal Inbox®.

Gather all your emails and social interactions in one spot, ensuring you never skip a beat in your influencer engagements. Collaborate with ease and efficiency, keeping every conversation within reach.

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Universal Inbox

Measure Success, Not Just Metrics.

Data-Driven Results That Matter

Cost Savings: Slash your influencer marketing budget without cutting impact. Clients report up to 70% savings.
Time Saved: Save 20+ hours per month on negotiations and campaign management with our automated systems.
Engagement Boost: Enjoy a 40% increase in audience engagement through targeted influencer partnerships.
Productivity Multiplier: One person, eightfold impact. Our platform amplifies individual productivity, mirroring the output of an 8-person team.


Simplify Your Influence: Cost-Effective Marketing for the Modern Brand

Step into the spotlight with influencer marketing that's within reach.

Discover influencers

Tap into our vast network of digital creators and pinpoint the voices that resonate with your audience. Our Discover Influencers tool offers a seamless search experience, empowering you to identify and collaborate with influencers who elevate your brand's presence.

Discover Influencers

Campaign Management

Streamline your influencer campaigns from conception to completion with our robust Campaign Management tool. Organize, execute, and monitor all your influencer activities with precision. We ensure insights and control at every stage for maximum impact and efficiency.

Campaign Management and Tracking

Centralized Inbox

Centralize your emails and social media interactions in one convenient place, guaranteeing that no detail is missed in your influencer communications. Work together smoothly and effectively, maintaining easy access to every discussion.

Centralized Inbox

Brand Content

Discover how your collaborations influence the total user-generated content about your brand. Measure your brand's health and adapt your strategies to achieve greater impact.

Brand Content

Request Programme

Centralize and scrutinize influencer requests with our comprehensive Request Programme tool. Assess the eligibility of potential influencer partners in one unified space, ensuring that only the most aligned and impactful creators collaborate with your brand.

Request Programme

Customized Reports

Gain actionable insights with Customised Reports tailored to your brand's unique goals. Our dynamic reporting tools offer a deep dive into campaign analytics, influencer performance, and ROI metrics. Make data-driven decisions ensuring your influencer strategy is always informed and on target.

Customized Reports


Le Guide Noir is the ideal partner to successfully carry out our Influencer Marketing strategy and achieve our goals: experience and a dedicated and professional team.

Ingrid Guerineau
Marketing Manager Intersport

Working with Le Guide Noir is an absolute pleasure. Their team is not only highly professional but also incredibly efficient. From the initial consultation to the execution of our communication strategies, they have consistently delivered outstanding results. Thanks to their expertise, we have not only saved valuable time but have also seen significant growth in our brand visibility and engagement. We highly recommend Le Guide Noir to anyone seeking top-notch communication and paid media.

The new society
Sofía Díaz
E-commerce Manager, The New Society

Le Guide Noir has been our accomplice in the success of Psophía. Their transparency, proactivity, and readiness have been key to our growth. Their ability to understand our vision and translate it into tangible actions in email marketing and paid media has been essential for us. Our work alongside Le Guide Noir has been crucial for the progress of our company and we are very pleased to continue working together in achieving our goals.

Marisa Lorenzo
Marketing Director - Psophía

Le Guide Noir has helped us optimize our work by providing centralized analytics and offering inspiration from key competitors. More than a tool, it is a strategic ally that has significantly improved our effectiveness. The ability to analyze content comprehensively allows us to make better decisions, while inspiration from competitors has guided us in creating communities adapted to market trends. Le Guide Noir is essential for our optimization in the digital environment.

El Corte Inglés
Samuel Caraballo
Social Media Manager - El Corte Inglés

In Aeffe, after analyzing various tools, we decided to opt for using LGN to monitor our social media profiles and we are satisfied with the choice made both for the features of LGN and for the availability of the team. The tool allows us to collect campaign content and analyze it through detailed reporting.

Alessia Imbriani
Corporate PR Specialist at Aeffe Spa

In Toni Pons, digital evolution and adaptation are key to our marketing strategy. Our association with Le Guide Noir as a digital partner has been a vital component in this process. Collaborating with their team and using their SaaS platform has allowed us to delve deeper into the effectiveness of our social media campaigns, providing us with tools and analysis that enrich our understanding of the market and our audiences. The support of Le Guide Noir in monitoring and optimizing our digital presence has been fundamental, allowing us to achieve our goals with greater efficiency and clarity.

Sandra Reyes
Toni Pons

Since we began working with Le Guide Noir, we have been able to significantly refine and facilitate the management of our social networks. They have provided us with essential tools for analyzing our brand in the digital environment, allowing us to compare ourselves with our competition and stay up to date on the latest news. In addition, their platform has facilitated our daily work of content scheduling and the compilation of all content related to our brand. In summary, Le Guide Noir is an ally with whom we are very happy to continue.

Viviana López Novoa

The collaboration of more than a year with Le Guide Noir has been crucial for Rene Caovilla, as it has allowed us to closely follow our actions on social networks and optimize strategies. Their customer contact module and data analysis have strengthened our understanding of the audience, supporting decisions based on data and strategic adjustments. The fusion of craftsmanship and technology in this collaboration has enriched our presence in the luxury footwear market in the digital age.

Rene Caovilla
Giulia Mulonia
Social media & Content Manager at Rene Caovilla

LGN has helped us use social media to its full potential: we are now able to schedule our posts, all in one place, which is extremely time-effective.


Thanks to the Campaign Monitoring Tool from LGN, we can measure the health of Camper at a global and regional level, helping us to make the best strategic decisions.

Laura Sciascia
SMM - Camper

Begin Your Journey to Influencer Excellence

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01. How does Le Guide Noir's platform help with Influencer Marketing?
Our platform streamlines the process of finding, managing, and tracking influencers. We provide tools for discovery, campaign management, centralized communication, and in-depth reporting to ensure your marketing efforts are successful and measurable.
02. Can I track the ROI of my influencer campaigns?
Absolutely. Our Customized Reports feature provides detailed insights into campaign performance, including metrics that directly reflect ROI, such as engagement rates, conversion data, and overall reach.
03. What makes Le Guide Noir different from other influencer marketing tools?
Le Guide Noir stands out for its comprehensive suite of features designed for ease of use and efficiency. From our extensive influencer database and AI-powered negotiation tool to our real-time tracking dashboards and customizable reporting, every aspect of our platform is optimized to deliver results.
04. Is Le Guide Noir suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes. Our platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes—from small startups to large enterprises. Our scalable solutions ensure that any business can leverage influencer marketing effectively.
05. How up-to-date is the influencer data on Le Guide Noir?
Our data is continually updated in real-time, ensuring you can access the most current information on influencers, their audience demographics, and performance statistics.
06. What support does Le Guide Noir offer for new users?
We provide comprehensive support for new users, including a knowledge base, video tutorials, and customer support via chat. Our goal is to help you maximize the platform's benefits from day one.
07. Can I customize my influencer search criteria?
Yes. Our Discover Influencers tool allows you to customize search criteria based on various parameters, such as location, niche, engagement rate, and more, to find the perfect match for your brand.
08. Do you offer a free trial?
Yes. We offer a free trial so you can experience the full capabilities of our platform firsthand. Click on "Start Free Trial" to begin your journey into effective influencer marketing with Le Guide Noir.