Influencer Agency in Italy

If you want your company to be successful, you must include an influencer agency in Italy as part of your marketing strategy. Do not know from where to start? Here we will not only show you agencies that will fit perfectly with what you are looking for, but we will also we will give detailed recommendations to make your decision process much easier.

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Influencer Marketing Agency in Italy

Influencer marketing agencies in Italy create and manage social media advertising campaigns with celebrities. They excel at executing strategies and measuring success. In Italy, there are more and more companies that are dedicated to this field; however, only a few provide the level of excellence your business deserves.

Le Guide Noir has more than five years of experience in creating campaigns for large companies such as Zara Home, Samsonite, Barceló and H&M, among others. In fact, we have become the largest provider of influencer marketing services in Europe and the fourth in the world.

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Best Influencer Agencies in Italy

Shake Up Italia
Shake Up Italia
Shake Up Italia is an integrated communication agency that deals with marketing and strategic communication aimed at the public and private sector. This marketing and communication agency deals with brand positioning and communication for business growth, thanks to a team of professionals and specialists in the sector. Reliability, discipline and creativity are the values ​​on which their vision is based. The services offered range from the drafting of integrated communication plans to the graphic design of communication materials, from the organization of events to the drafting of media plans, from the creation of advertising campaigns to indoor and outdoor installations, as well as a series of different marketing activities. Shake Up Italia was founded in 2002 and employs between 2 and 10 people, according to LinkedIn. The main activities developed are: Marketing Strategies, Market Research, Event Organisation, Press Office, Media Relations and Corporate Identity.
Social Media Produzioni
Social Media Produzioni
SocialMediaProduzioni is a strategic communication and marketing agency. They create strategic communication campaigns for: Companies & Brands, Political Parties and Candidates, Public Figures and Public or Private Institutions. Unlike other competitors who deal with "all" marketing actions of a company, they deal exclusively with strategic communication and digital communication (blogs, web, social networks, online channels, etc.) with the aim of providing customers with optimal service and specific. Some of their services are: Online Media, Strategic Communication, Market Analysis and Research and Spin Doctoring. The agency was founded in 2019, according to LinkedIn, and between 2 and 10 people work there. Their staff is made up of: creatives, sociologists of the ''old order'' and experts in digital communication.
Buzzoole is an Influencer Marketing agency in Italy. They build the Influencer Marketing strategy that best suits your goals. It is a team made up of Strategists, Creatives and Talent & Account Managers who support you in every phase of the project, from planning and managing campaigns to measuring and optimizing results. Their end-to-end platform uses cutting-edge AI technology to streamline every step of the creator marketing process. Buzzoole serves over 850 international brand partners and boasts the largest opt-in community of over 260,000 creators from around the world. Buzzoole offers a 360 degree solution for brands, agencies and media partners. They work across all levels and platforms of the Creator to achieve long-term and campaign-specific impact. Buzzoole was founded in 2013, according to LinkedIn, and employs between 51 to 200 people. Among their services are: Digital Influence, Influencer Marketing and Talent Management.
Cristian Lovino
Cristian Lovino
Cristian Lovino is an entrepreneur and Web Marketing consultant. In his agency, he helps entrepreneurs, companies, brands and professionals to grow on the web. He turns his greatest passion into a job, obtaining extraordinary results. Cristian Lovino is an accredited figure in Italy for the incredible results achieved in the Italian digital market. Every day, companies, entrepreneurs and professionals invest in his business obtaining incredible results. Requesting services and advice from him means making your business explode. Some of its services are: web marketing, website or e-Commerce and management of advertising campaigns.

MicroInfluencer Agency in Italy

A micro-influencer is someone who posts content related to their niche on popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. They gain a following by posting interesting and relevant content; some of these followers could become customers.
If an individual has between 10,000 and 50,000 followers, they are considered a micro-influencer. Some agencies even increase this number to 100,000. Micro-influencers can produce content on just about any topic imaginable: from fashion and beauty to food and travel.
As the number of MicroInfluencers in Italy grows rapidly, more and more agencies are also being founded to support them. The most important thing when choosing an agency in Italy is to make sure they have experience with influencers in your specific industry, so take the time to review each one before making a decision.

TikTok Agency in Italy

All TikTok agencies in Italy have one thing in common: they excel in marketing on the TikTok platform. They all specialize in different areas and industries, and also provide support around the world. Professionals employed by a reputable agency will create, launch, and track the right ad campaigns for the TikTok community.

How to choose an Influencer Marketing Agency in Italy

Influencer marketing is a crucial tool that all businesses should use to grow their audience, create buzz, and see sales grow. However, with the field continuing to advance and more influencers being created in Italy every day, it can be difficult for companies to keep up with the competition. This is where influencer marketing agencies in Italy come in, helping out by providing expertise or manpower if needed, as well as ensuring that the campaigns produce great results.

  • Above all, prioritize speed and professionalism.
    An agency that takes the time to create a proposal tailored to your specific needs is more likely to be successful than one that simply uses a generic template.
  • You must choose an agency with experience.
    An agency with experience in their field and that can show you a portfolio of companies they have worked with.
  • Specific technology.
    If an agency does not use influencer management software, it is not worth considering.
  • You must have realistic expectations.
    Results will not happen overnight, so be wary of agencies' promises; expect to see results within 3-4 months.

Influencer Agency in Italy Prices

In Italy, the influencer marketing sector continues to boom. In fact, 82% of the brands in Italy have already allocated part of their annual budget to influencer marketing. Although this market is maturing and becoming more complicated, success it remains achievable due to the large number of opportunities present in Italy.

The amount that an Influencer in Italy charges is usually based on their participation, their followers and the type of content. Fees can be as low as 10 Euros per publication or as high as 74,000. At Le Guide Noir, we have created a calculator that estimates how much an Influencer could charge for a post. Just enter the Instagram account name to get started.

How much does an Influencer Marketing Agency in Italy cost?

The monthly fees of an influencer marketing agency in Italy can vary significantly, with some companies charging as little as 500 Euros and others up to 50,000. It is important to have a clear idea of ​​your objectives before speaking with any agency, since the most expensive company does not always guarantee the best results. In general, when it comes to these services, you get what you pay for.

When deciding on an influencer agency in Italy, always prioritize the value you receive from them over what they charge. If you choose a reliable agency, it is likely that your initial investment will pay for itself several times over. To get an idea of ​​the ROI you can expect from working with an influencer agency, look at their past clients and their results.

If you are looking for the best influencer agency in Italy for your needs, let find one for you in just five minutes - they will save you time and make sure to only present you with the option that is ideal for you.

What services does an Influencer Marketing agency in Italy offer?

Here is a list of services that influencer marketing agencies in Italy offer to help their clients plan, carry out and monitor successful influencer marketing campaigns:

  • A comprehensive campaign that handles everything from search to contact, negotiation, execution and follow-up.
  • Product Placement.
  • Providing products as payment.
  • An ambassador program to promote product awareness.
  • Follow-up of events to guarantee their fluidity.
  • Contest Management for Interactive Engagement.

Influencer Company in Italy

There are many Influencer Marketing companies in Italy that promise to help you get the best results for your company and increase your sales. So how do you know which one is right for you? And most importantly, how can you be sure that they will actually keep their promises? We advise you to take your time to select the Italian agency that best suits you.

Influencer Marketing in Italy

Having an influencer marketing agency in Italy manage your social media accounts is one of the smartest things you can do to ensure greater success. They will develop a strategy tailored specifically to your business, create compelling content, identify relevant influencers, and track progress so you can see the results. By working with an experienced team, you can free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business while they take care of attracting new customers through social media.

Why hire an Influencer Marketing agency in Italy?

As influencer marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing globally, it is understandable that you'd be tempted to run a campaign independently. However, it is more intricate than it first appears, and working with an agency can help avoid problems. If you already have experience in this field and use specific technology for influencer marketing, it may make sense to build your team in-house. Otherwise, we recommend enlisting the help of an external agency in Italy specializing in influencer marketing. What advantages does an agency of this type offer?

  • Experience - Increase the chances of success by working with a team that knows how to achieve it.
  • Costs - By hiring an agency you can save up to 60%.
  • Time - In today's fast-paced world, time is everything. And in this case, working with an agency can end up saving you tons of time down the road.
  • They take care of everything for you - they will take care of all the details, from search and selection to measurement and negotiation.
  • Technology - Make sure that any agency you are thinking of working with has up-to-date technological tools, so ask about them.