Influencer Agency in Rome

Nowadays, influencer agencies in Rome play a fundamental role in the marketing strategy of any company. If you are looking for the ideal agency for your brand but do not know where to start, we will help you. We not only show the best agencies that exist in Rome, but we also guide you so that your decision is informed and effective. We work with companies from 18 different industries every day and are experts in finding the best possible partners. Just click the button below if you want us to do a search for you.

Influencer Marketing Agency in Rome

Influencer marketing agencies in Rome focus on creating and managing social media campaigns with influencers. They play a critical role in executing strategies and measuring success. In Rome, there are more and more companies dedicated to this field; however, only a few provide the level of excellence your business requires.

At Le Guide Noir, we have more than 5 years of experience creating campaigns for companies such as Zara Home, Samsonite, Barceló, H&M and many others. We are currently the largest provider of influencer marketing services and technology in Europe and fourth in the world.

If you are a small, medium or multinational company, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Best Influencer Agencies in Rome

Brandtopia is a communication and marketing agency for companies and freelancers who want to give visibility to their brand. Brandtopia has already managed over 50 projects with national and international companies in the fields of digital marketing, social media management, influencer marketing and big data analysis, offering consultancy and training through a team of professionals. They specialize in: Digital public relations and influencer marketing services: technology, automotive, banking, economy, food, lifestyle. Brandtopia has collaborated with national and international brands, managing numerous successful projects with the participation of bloggers, influencers and VIPs. The services they offer are: Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing: a brand's online presence cannot be separated from social media and advertising. Through a specialized team, they offer a quality service that has satisfied dozens of customers throughout Italy. Sentiment monitoring and Big Data analysis: user conversations are an inexhaustible source of useful information both at a strategic and marketing level. Thanks to the best analytical tools, they offer a digital view of any brand.
Be Social
Be Social
Be Social is a marketing agency that creates social media content for companies and freelancers around the world. Social media are the most important medium for branding, marketing and sales, that is why at Be Social they want to simplify the creation of content for social networks and digital marketing by making them accessible to every entrepreneur. Be-Social is the Italian division of an international project with more than 100,000 customers worldwide who use its editorial calendars and social media templates. Be Social creates products conceived and created by social media marketing professionals, which help entrepreneurs of every professional category to realize their social media strategy and create their content, ensuring continuous growth in terms of sales and brand development.
Influencer is a communication and marketing agency that increases the value of brands and people online thanks to innovative marketing and advertising strategies. Their team has extensive international experience in developing and launching new brands, start-ups and new product lines, increasing sales and generating both economic and reputational value. Furthermore, thanks to their exclusive partnerships, they are able to operate on any industrial branch, from medical to food, passing through fashion and real estate, up to the highest software engineering and gamification, building teams dedicated to each different customer. Influencer uses a different approach from standard agencies. They prefer to see and act as a partner rather than a service provider. Their experience, culture and passion for brands drives them to know, love and feel the project they work for, managing communication and marketing at 360° according to your goals, desires and guidelines. The agency was founded in 2019, according to LinkedIn, and employs between 2 and 10 people. Among the services they offer are: SOS Business, Branding, Websites and ECommerce, Management of social profiles and Influencer Marketing.
The I SAY communication agency, born from the experience of the online editorial network IsayBlog, from the IsayWeb agency and the IsayData business unit, is on the market with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach in the field of digital communication. The multidisciplinary approach makes them motivated, flexible and oriented towards expressing solid solutions with great attention to detail. They like to consider themselves partners, not suppliers; able to explore new businesses and propose solutions that go beyond the assigned tasks. The relationship of trust with their clients is the basis of their connections, as well as the confidentiality they guarantee in every context. Their values ​​are: entrepreneurial vision, human capital, flexibility, transparency and the possibility of disengaging. I SAY started in 2012, according to LinkedIn, and employs between 11 and 50 people. Their team supports public and private companies operating in numerous sectors with brand reputation support services: high-performance creative campaigns, social media and web marketing, SEO and SEM, web and social monitoring, advertising and data intelligence.

MicroInfluencer Agency in Rome

A micro-influencer is a person who creates content related to their area of ​​interest on various social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. By regularly posting interesting information on these platforms, they are able to attract followers who could become customers.
By having between 10,000 and 50,000 followers on social networks, the person is considered a micro-influencer. Some agencies in Rome even extend this number to 100,000. Micro-influencers can create content on any topic they want, such as fashion, beauty, food, music or travel.
When choosing a micro-influencer agency in Rome, it is essential that they show experience in their sector and that you take your time when asking for proposals.

TikTok Agency in Rome

The singular focus of TikTok agencies in Rome is to help marketers be innovative and prosperous on TikTok. A trusted agency employs knowledgeable professionals who design, introduce and track custom ad campaigns suitable for the community.
All the TikTok agencies in Rome have something in common: they have achieved numerous successes on the TikTok marketing platform. Although they all specialize in different areas and industries, they support companies all over the world.

How to choose an Influencer Marketing Agency in Rome

With influencer marketing, businesses can quickly grow their audiences, build buzz, and increase sales. However, the speed with which the field changes and the influx of new influencers can make it difficult to stay ahead of the competition. For this reason, more and more companies turn to professional companies to help them with their strategies. These influencer marketing agencies in Rome have the experience and manpower needed to run campaigns that produce great results. Some crucial aspects that you should take into account when choosing your Influencer Marketing agency in Rome are:

  • Speed and professionalism.
    An agency that can quickly put together a well-crafted, personalized proposal demonstrates that it has the ability to succeed.
  • The agency must have experience in your sector.
    The agency should have experience with companies similar to yours. Ask for references or proof of previous clients.
  • Specific technology.
    Make sure they use technology that helps them manage influencers and track their success.
  • Your expectations.
    Good agencies will not be cheap, but it usually takes a few months for results to show up anyway – be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.

Influencer Agency in Rome Prices

As the influencer marketing sector continues to grow, more and more brands allocate part of their annual budget to it. However, in Rome, despite the fact that there are many opportunities available, it is increasingly complex to succeed.

Le Guide Noir's calculator can give you an estimate of what an influencer charges based on their engagement, followers, and type of content. Influencers from Rome can charge between 10 and 74,000 euros per publication. To start using the calculator, you just have to enter the Instagram account you want to search for.

How much does an Influencer Marketing Agency in Rome cost?

The fluctuation of the monthly fees of the influencer marketing agencies in Rome can be significant, since some companies invoice between 500 and 50,000 Euros. Before contacting any agency, it is essential to be clear about the desired result. The most expensive agency does not always guarantee the best results.That being said, you generally get what you pay for when it comes to these services.
Influencer agency prices in Rome vary, but you should focus on the value they offer rather than their price. If you choose a reputable agency, your investment is likely to pay for itself several times over. To get an idea of ​​the type of return on investment you can expect, take a look at the companies they work with and the results they get. The LaDecision team will find the best influencer agency for you in 5 minutes It is the fastest and most effective way to find an agency that meets your needs.

What services does an Influencer Marketing agency in Rome offer?


These are the services provided by the influencer marketing agencies in Rome, which include the planning, execution and monitoring of influencer marketing campaigns.

  • 1 - Comprehensive campaigns - From the search to the contact, the negotiation, the execution and the follow-up.
  • 2 - Product Placement.
  • 3 - Payment with products.
  • 4 - Management of the ambassador program.
  • 5 - Event tracking.
  • 6 - Competition management.

Influencer Company in Rome

With so many influencer marketing companies in Rome, it can be hard to know who can really help you achieve the results and increased sales they promise. Make sure you take your time when choosing an influencer agency in Rome so you do not regret your decision later.

Influencer Marketing in Rome

Maximize your presence on social media by working with an influencer marketing agency in Rome. Influencer agencies create content, identify the right partnerships, and manage results so you can focus on running your business while they take care of promoting it on social media.

Why hire an Influencer Marketing agency in Rome?


Although it can be tempting to run your own influencer marketing campaign in Rome, inexperienced people are more likely to cause disaster. If you want to avoid this, we recommend that you hire an influencer marketing agency in Rome with experienced professionals. What is the benefit of using such an agency?

  • 1. Experience - The agency team knows what it takes to be successful, so your chances for improvement increase.
  • 2. Costs - Normally, agencies that work with influencers charge up to 60% less than what a traditional company would charge for the same services.
  • 3. Time - With an agency that handles everything for you, you will save valuable time.
  • 4. They do it all for you - Including search, selection, negotiation, execution and measurement.
  • 5. Technology - Make sure the agency uses specific technology; it will make the difference in terms of efficiency and results.