Influencer Agency in Turin

If you are looking for an influencer agency in Turin that will help you take your business to the next level, you have come to the right place. We will not only show you some of the best agencies in Turin, but we will also give you all the recommendations and tips you need to make sure you choose the perfect one for your needs.
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Influencer Marketing Agency in Turin

Influencer marketing agencies in Turin are your best option when it comes to designing, creating and managing advertising campaigns on social networks with the help of influencers. These companies not only make great strategies, but they can also measure your success. Although there are many companies of this type springing up in Turin, very few can match the level of excellence that your business requires.

At Le Guide Noir, we have been creating campaigns for well-known companies such as Zara Home, Samsonite, Barceló, H&M and many others for more than half a decade. In fact, we have become the largest provider of influencer marketing technology and services in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

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Best Influencer Agencies in Turin

Mailander is an independent communication and RP agency and strategic consultancy on the national and international market. Mailander's expertise includes financial communication services for publicly traded companies, and for financial and private equity firms or groups and IPOs. The agency is an expert in corporate communication and brand reputation for clients in the industrial, financial and service sectors. Mailander is distinguished by creative integrated communication, capable of innovating, transforming and creating value and giving shape to the identity of each brand. At the center are their customers, they build strategies with them, placing at their disposal the team of professionals with integrated skills in different sectors and practices to achieve the objectives set together. Founded in Turin in 1987, according to LinkedIn, the agency has about 35 professionals with decades of experience in public relations, integrated communication and event organization. Among the services they offer are: PR & Media Relation, Consultancy and Strategy, Crossmedia, Digital, Events, Training, Corporate, Brand Reputation, Economic and Financial Communication, Destination Marketing and Crisis Management.
Clepsidra is an inbound marketing agency. They build efficient, data-driven online customer shopping systems that scale through automation and optimization with advanced analytics. They are strongly focused on results, constantly evaluating the process to help companies improve sales and reduce costs. Clepsidra takes care of attracting visitors and converting leads into customers. They work on solutions that complement and automate the sales funnel of companies; for instance, more visibility and conversion, marketing strategies and increased sales. The agency was founded in 2006, according to LinkedIn, and employs between 2 and 10 people. Some of the services they offer are: Adwords Campaigns, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Google Partners, Inbound Marketing and CRM.
MC&People is a marketing and communication agency specialized in digital and creative services. Their goal is to increase the competitiveness of their customers in a market that requires keeping up with the times. Their strength is the union of people's points of view, professionalism, intuitions and creativity. For each service chosen, a professional specialized in your sector will carefully follow your project. They believe in their customers' potential and in what they do. They define digital strategies to create value. They accompany clients in the discovery of new approaches capable of improving business performance. Their services are the solution to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of the digital world. MC&PEOPLE offers a very high custom level and sectoral specialization to meet the needs of any company. In 2020, the agency was founded, according to LinkedIn, and between 11 and 50 people work there. Among the services they offer are: Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Design, 3D Design, Digital Laws, Business Developer and ECommerce.
Sniper is a Digital Marketing and Communication agency. Their mission is to create and to innovate. They offer the best technological tools to grow their customers' business. They work, create and believe in a world with more equality. Behind each service is a competent and experienced team ready to bring all your projects to life. They convert creative ideas into winning projects for your business, enhance the uniqueness of your brand through an unconventional approach and offer a continuous assistance service modeled on your needs. This agency was founded in 2018 in Turin, according to LinkedIn, and employs between 11 and 50 people. The services they offer are: Web and ECommerce, Apps and Software, SEO and SEM, Social Media Marketing and Multimedia.

MicroInfluencer Agency in Turin

A micro-influencer is an internet celebrity within a specific niche. They become famous by posting compelling content on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. By engaging their followers with their posts, they also gain the potential to convert them into customers.
Anyone with 10k-50k followers is classified as a micro-influencer. However, some agencies in Turin have raised this number to 100k followers. These types of content creators can produce material on any topic, such as fashion, beauty, food articles, parenting tips, music, or travel experiences. With the growing popularity of MicroInfluencers in Turin lately, it is important that those seeking these services take their time when choosing the agency that is best for them. Make sure they have experience in your sector and always ask for a proposal before making the final decision.

TikTok Agency in Turin

TikTok Agencies in Turin are designed to help marketers be creative and successful on the app. A trusted agency employs experienced professionals who create, launch and track ad campaigns focused on our community
All the Influencer agencies in Turin have something in common: they have achieved success on multiple occasions through marketing on TikTok. They all specialize in different areas and industries, but provide support all over the world.

How to choose an Influencer Marketing Agency in Turin

Many businesses rely on influencer marketing to reach new customers, spark conversations and boost sales. But with the rapid changes and implementation of technology, it can be difficult for some companies to maintain their advantage over competitors. This is where most companies save time and money by outsourcing these strategies to an influencer marketing company in Turin that has the experience and resources necessary to create a successful campaign.
The following points are crucial when choosing an Influencer Marketing agency in Turin:

  • Speed and professionalism.
    A well-designed, non-generic, ad-hoc proposal shows how successful the campaign will be in the future.
  • The agency must have experience in your sector.
    Make sure the agency has experience in your industry and ask them to show you a portfolio of past work.
  • The agency must make use of specific technology.
    The agency must use the technology and software that allow it to be successful. If not, it is better to look elsewhere.
  • Your expectations.
    In general, the results of an effective campaign will not be seen for three or four months, so do not trust any agency that promises seeing results before that time frame.

Influencer Agency in Turin Prices

Eighty-two percent of the brands in Turin allocate part of their annual budget to influencer marketing, and this figure is only growing. Although marketers dedicate more money to influencers per publication, it is increasingly difficult to be successful with this marketing tactic. Although there are more opportunities for success in Italy than in any other country, the market as a whole is maturing and making things more complicated for everyone.

The amount that an influencer can charge per publication in Turin varies depending on their participation, their followers and the type of content. For example, they can charge between 10 and 74,000 Euros. To help users get an idea of ​​what someone might cost, at Le Guide Noir we have created a calculator. Just include the Instagram account you want to see the result.

How much does an Influencer Marketing Agency in Turin cost?

The monthly fees of influencer marketing agencies in Turin can vary greatly, as some companies charge between 500 and 50,000 Euros. Before speaking with any agency, it is crucial to have a clear idea of ​​their ultimate goal. The most expensive company does not always guarantee the best result. But, in general, in this type of services you get what you pay for. When evaluating the cost of influencer agencies in Turin, you should prioritize the value you receive from the agency rather than to look only at their rates.

If you choose a reputable agency, your investment is likely to pay for itself several times over. Take a look at the companies they work with and their results to get an idea of ​​the ROI you can expect.
Are you looking for the best influencer agency in Turin for you? The team will find your perfect match in just 5 minutes, so you can make the right decision.

What services does an Influencer Marketing agency in Turin offer?


Influencer marketing agencies in Turin will help you with every detail of your campaign, from the initial planning stages to post-campaign analysis. Here is a list of services:

  • A campaign from start to finish, including search, contact, negotiation, execution and follow-up.
  • Product Placement.
  • Payment with product.
  • An ambassadors program.
  • Event tracking.
  • Management of contests.

Influencer Company in Turin

Many agencies that specialize in influencer marketing in Turin claim that they can help you improve sales and obtain optimal results for your company. However, it is important that you take your time in choosing the right agency in Turin: research each contender thoroughly before making a decision. This way, you will be more likely to find an organization that lives up to their claims.

Influencer Marketing in Turin

Working with an influencer marketing agency in Turin is one of the smartest things you can do to publicize your presence on social media. They will help you strategize, produce content, identify top influencers, and track success so you do not have to worry about any of this. Let them take care of everything while you focus on what you are best at: running your business.

Why hire an Influencer Marketing agency in Turin?


Although influencer marketing is increasing in popularity around the world, it is more complicated than one might think. Without the right expertise or technology, an attempt to run a campaign could result in disaster. To avoid this outcome, We only recommend creating an internal team when it already has some experience with influencer marketing software.Working with an influencer marketing agency in Turin brings the following benefits:

  • Experience - Your chances of success increase when you work with a team that knows how to succeed.
  • Costs - Agencies that work with influencers usually charge up to 60% less than traditional companies.
  • Time - Time plays a key role and the savings can be huge.
  • They handle everything for you - These agencies can save you time searching, selecting, negotiating, executing and measuring on your behalf.
  • Technology - Make sure you only work with an agency that uses specific technology.