Influencer Agency in Madrid

Have you been searching for the perfect Influencer Agency in Madrid to take your business's marketing strategy to the next level? Look no further, we have all of the necessary expertise and advice to ensure that your search is successful. We are proud to provide companies from up 18 different industries with a resource they can trust when looking for an Influencer Agency in Madrid. If you would like us to help make sure that everything goes smoothly, click on the button below – we will be glad to assist.

Influencer Marketing Agency in Madrid

Influencer marketing agencies in Madrid specialize in constructing, developing and administrating social media campaigns with influencers. These influencer marketing agencies in Madrid are crucial to the implementation of strategies and gauging success. In Madrid, there is a rise in businesses dedicated to this area; however, only the most reliable can provide your business with top-notch results that it deserves.

For the past five years, Le Guide Noir has been producing successful campaigns for prominent companies such as Zara Home, Samsonite, Barceló and H&M - in addition to smaller businesses. As a result of our dedication in offering influencer marketing services and technology on an international level, we proudly stand as Europe's largest provider for influencer marketing services and the fourth largest globally.

No matter the size of your business - small, medium or multinational alike - take advantage of our free consultancy and reach out to us today.

Best Influencer Agencies in Madrid

Funky Marketing
Funky Marketing
Funky Marketing is an online marketing and communication agency. Its objective is to bring each company closer to their clients in order to establish a dialogue that allows service to be improved and generates a stronger bond through emotions and a feeling of belonging. Among its services are: Management of social networks. Creation and optimization of profiles. Identification and interaction with the target audience and influencers. Advertising actions. Marketing in search engines. Improved organic positioning and advertising. Creation of web pages, online stores and blogs. Optimization of its structure and content to improve conversion. Content management. Online Reputation. Monitoring of mentions, prevention of reputational risks and promotion of positive content generated by the user. Virtual visits to physical businesses with Google Business View as certified partners of the product. The agency was founded in 2011.
Pin Up Comunicación
Pin Up Comunicación
Pin Up Comunicación was founded in 2007 in Madrid, Spain. Its objective is to offer each of its clients a personalized plan adapted to the needs of the firm, with creative ideas and taking care of every detail. The strategic plans they draw up include both offline and online actions to reach all possible channels and thus increase the value of the brand. Its main areas of action are: Corporate communication. Product communication. PR. Online and offline marketing strategies. Casting and backstage direction in fashion shows. Design and production of events. Recruitment of celebrities and influencers for events, advertising campaigns and digital strategies. Social media strategies / Community Management / Digital Marketing. Influencer Marketing.
Socialnius is the speaker for startups, entrepreneurs, accelerators and corporates. Media communication, online marketing and event organization basing their strategies on innovation. Socialnius is the creator of the Media Startups event, a meeting for entrepreneurs, startups, journalists and the media, focusing on the necessary relationship between entrepreneurs and journalists. Its CEO and Founder directs the successful Emprende Madrid program of Onda Madrid, as well as the Top Emprendedores blog. Socialnus is the speaker of innovation and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. They are a team in constant communication in the same multidisciplinary space. This translates into the creation of a unified brand strategy from all fronts to ensure that your company transmits a solid language that attracts your customers. For these reasons, Socialnus has more than ten years of experience with loyal customers who know that Soialnus is their loudspeaker. They are in charge, among other aspects, of managing communication in the media and public relations, content creation, graphic design of your website, managing your social networks, your influencer marketing strategies, the organization of corporate events, web development, branding and mentoring in general for your business. Socialnius is synonymous with innovation, notoriety and communication.
Olympia Marketing
Olympia Marketing
Olympia Marketing is a Marketing and advertising company, specialized in talent management and Influencer Marketing. They create specialized campaigns according to the needs of each brand and are true experts in influencer marketing. Their goal is to match brands and influencers to make it a real romance. They believe that as in everyday life, healthy relationships have to be generated in which both parties feel comfortable. Among its most demanded services are brand consulting, brand strategy, influencer marketing, social media management, paid media and event organization. His clients include companies such as Amazon, Garnier, Starbucks, Tous and Lancôme. Olympia Marketing was founded in 2020 according to LinkedIn and has between 11 and 50 employees.

MicroInfluencer Agency in Madrid

Micro-influencers are the stars of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. By creating content relevant to their niche and sharing it with followers who could be potential customers, they can make a big impact. Generally speaking, someone with 10k - 50k followers would fall into this category; however some agencies put the upper limit at 100k or more. The kind of topics micro-influencers discuss vary from fashion to food and travel - anything goes really.

As Madrid sees an increasing number of MicroInfluencers agencies, it is more important than ever to take your time and make sure the agency you select has demonstrated experience in your industry. Requesting a proposal is key to ensuring you connect with the right partner.

TikTok Agency in Madrid

If you are looking for a creative, reliable TikTok agency in Madrid to take your marketing success on the platform to the next level, look no further. These tech-savvy companies offer experienced professionals who can craft campaigns tailored precisely according to different communities or industries around the world and track their results with ease. With consistent successes under their belt from all across various areas of expertise, these agencies in Madrid are surefire solutions that won't disappoint.

How to choose an Influencer Marketing Agency in Madrid

For businesses of all sizes, influencer marketing is a must-have tool to build their audience base, incite curiosity, and increase profits. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for companies to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field inundated with more and more influencers each day. That's why many firms seek support from expert influencer marketing agencies in Madrid that will help them make the most out of their strategies by filling any gaps in knowledge or expertise, as well as running campaigns that achieve desirable outcomes. When selecting your Influencer Marketing Agency in Madrid, you should always keep these key points in mind:

  • Speed and efficiency are paramount.
    An agency that crafts a unique and individualized proposal for you, rather than relying on generic templates or strategies, is essential to achieving success in the future.
  • An agency with experience.
    Ensure the agency has expertise in your field, and request that they demonstrate their prior work.
  • The agency must make use of technology.
    If the agency fails to take advantage of influencer management software, it is best to look elsewhere.
  • You must have realistic expectations.
    While quality services come at a cost, it certainly does not need to be too high. If an agency tells you that they can deliver results in the first month of working with them, then search for another one, since satisfactory outcomes take about three or four months to appear.

Influencer Agency in Madrid Prices

In Madrid, the Influencer Marketing industry does not stop growing. An astonoshing 82% of the brands in Madrid already dedicate a part of their annual budget to Influencer Marketing, and more and more are paid per post. But, as the market matures, it becomes increasingly difficult to be successful, even though Madrid is a city with many more opportunities than others. Knowing how much an Influencer charges in Madrid depends on their engagement, their followers and the type of content, meaning they can charge from €10 per post to €74,000. That is why at Le Guide Noir we have created a calculator that estimates how much an Influencer can charge, simply include the Instagram account to discover the result.

How much does an Influencer Marketing Agency in Madrid cost?

The monthly rates of an influencer marketing agency in Madrid can be very varied, since some companies invoice between 500 and 50,000 euros
It is important to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve before speaking with any agency. The most expensive company is not always going to give you the best results. But generally speaking, you get what you pay for with these services. When looking at an influencer marketing agencies pricing in Madrid, you should prioritize the value you get from the agency rather than how much they charge. If you choose a reputable agency, your investment is likely to pay for itself several times over.
To get an idea of ​​the kind of return on investment you can expect, take a look at the companies they work with and the results they get. Are you looking for the best influencer marketing agency in Madrid for you? The team looks for your agency in 5 minutes, they are the most effective for you to make the best decision.

What services does an Influencer Marketing agency in Madrid offer?


Influencer marketing agencies in Madrid help their clients to plan, carry out and monitor influencer marketing campaigns. These are some of the services they offer:

  • 1 - Complete Campaign - From search, contact, negotiation, execution and monitoring
  • 2 - Product Placement
  • 3 - Payment to the influencers with products
  • 4 - Ambassadors Program
  • 5 - Events organization
  • 6 - Giveaways management

Influencer Company in Madrid

There are many Influencer Marketing companies in Madrid that promise to help you achieve the best results for your company and increase your sales. How do you know which one is right for you? And more importantly, how do you know if they can really deliver on their promises? We advise you to take your time in choosing the right agency.

Influencer Marketing in Madrid

One of the best ways to maximize your success on social media is to work with an influencer marketing agency in Madrid. An influencer marketing agency can help you develop a strategy, create content, identify influencers, and measure results. They know what works and what does not, so you can focus on running your business while they take care of your social media campaigns.

Why hire an Influencer Marketing agency in Madrid?


Influencer Marketing is the form of marketing that is growing the most worldwide. It can be very attractive to decide to run a campaign on your own, but it is much more complex than it seems, to avoid a disaster we recommend that you create your in-house team when you already have some experience and using specific technology for Influencer Marketing. So, what are the benefits of using an Influencer Marketing agency in Madrid?

  • The Experience - The possibilities of success multiply since you will be working with a team that knows how to achieve success.
  • Costs - Being an agency that works with influencers, it usually has prices up to 60% cheaper than a normal company.
  • Time - Time plays a fundamental role and the savings can be enormous.
  • They handle everything for you - From the search, selection, negotiation, execution and measurement.
  • Technology - Work only with agencies that use specific technology, ask for it.