Influencer Agency in Milan

Nowadays, influencer agencies in Milan play a fundamental role in the success of any company's marketing strategy. If you are looking for the perfect agency in Milan but do not know where to start, look no further. We will not only show you the best, but we will also give you all the recommendations you need to make an informed decision.

We work with companies from up to 18 industries every day to find the perfect influencer agency in Milan for them. If you want us to take care of the search process for you, click the button below.

Influencer Marketing Agency in Milan

Influencer marketing agencies in Milan are vital to the success of social media campaigns that include celebrity work. They not only devise the strategies, but also monitor progress and success rates. In Milan, there are many companies that promise these services; however, few can offer the level of detail and precision that your business demands.

At Le Guide Noir, we specialize in creating marketing campaigns that get results. For more than 5 years, we have worked with big names like Zara Home, Samsonite, Barceló and H&M. We are now the largest provider of influencer marketing technology and services in Europe, and fourth in the world.

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Best Influencer Agencies in Milan

PopulaRise is the first Popular People Marketing platform that offers companies high-performance influencer marketing campaigns, in collaboration with their community: thousands of people willing to share content on their social profiles in exchange for credits. Their core business is Content Sharing or sharing corporate content through their community of thousands of users. The benefits are increased visibility, optimization of the company budget and maximization of engagement and conversion rates. The agency was born in 2021, according to LinkedIn, and between 2 and 10 people work there. Among the services they offer are: digital marketing, influencer marketing, advertising and content sharing.
BlackAgency is the first communication and influencer marketing agency in Milan, they carry out complete communication projects: Web Marketing, Social Media, Photo, Video and traditional communication. They develop 360° digital communication projects thanks to their many years of experience in various Web projects. They have a young and close-knit team with the necessary skills to execute a project from scratch and devise its strategy. From the study of the target, graphic creativity, text writing and advertising. For them, video production is an essential aspect of effective communication to design and produce current and viral videos. However, they do not neglect offline communication which remains to all intents and purposes the starting point for presenting yourself to the public. BlackAgency was born in 2018 in Milan, according to LinkedIn, and between 2 and 10 people work there. Among all the services they offer are: graphics, photoshoots, video making, web design, website development, web design and SEO.
Mare Media Agency
Mare Media Agency
Mare Media is an Influencer and Brand agency based in Milan. The story of Mare Media stems from the need to fill a void within digital marketing, still unable to put the power of influencers at the service of entrepreneurs, companies, creators and startups, and it is precisely from this awareness that they want to help them have the space they deserve. For some time now, by combining the different aspects of digital services and influencer marketing, they allow those who rely on them to best express their potential, through an approach built around the customer's needs. Whatever your goal, they can achieve it. Mare Media was born in 2022, according to LinkedIn, and between 2 and 10 people work there. The services they offer are: Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, Personal Branding and Talent Management.
FLU is an Influencer Marketing agency, fluid and dynamic in response to a constantly evolving market, which draws on data at every stage to give authority, relevance and distinctiveness to the entire working flow which develops on strategic, creative transversal skills, management. They create impactful campaigns and measure them, for a guarantee of success, through three-step technology: Discovery to create a match, Prediction to establish objectives and Tracking to evaluate the results. FLU was founded in 2018, according to LinkedIn, and employs between 11 and 50 people. The services they offer are: Research and Analysis, Project Management, Strategic Consulting, Creative Production, Brand Protection and Campaign Management.

MicroInfluencer Agency in Milan

A micro-influencer is someone who posts content related to their niche on social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok. By posting regular and relevant content, they are able to attract followers who could become customers.
A micro-influencer is anyone with 10k-50k followers, but some agencies in Milan rate this number up to 100k. Micro-influencers create content on any topic, such as fashion, beauty, food, parenting, or travel.
If you are looking for a micro-influencer agency in Milan, make sure they have experience in your sector and take the time to ask for a proposal..

TikTok Agency in Milan

TikTok Agencies in Milan are companies that specialize in helping marketers succeed on TikTok. These agencies often employ experienced professionals who can create, launch, and track ad campaigns that are specifically tailored to the TikTok community. All of these agencies in Milan have one thing in common: they have achieved repeated success on the platform. Each of them specializes in different areas and industries, and they provide support all over the world.

How to choose an Influencer Marketing Agency in Milan

Influencer marketing is an essential tool that businesses of any size can use to grow their customer base, build and increase sales. However, with the increasing speed of change in this field and the creation of new influencers joining every day, it is hard to stay ahead of the competition.
For this reason, more and more companies hire influencer marketing agencies in Milan to develop their influencer marketing strategies. These agencies have the knowledge and manpower to make sure campaigns are executed flawlessly and produce great results.
We believe that the following factors are key when choosing an Influencer Marketing agency in Milan:

  • Above all else, prioritize speed and professionalism.
    An agency that takes the time to create a detailed, personalized proposal is more likely to ensure your success than one that uses generic templates.
  • An agency with proven experience in your field.
    The agency should have extensive experience in their field and should be able to show you a portfolio of their past clients.
  • The agency must make use of specific technology.
    Up-to-date technology is crucial to the success of any project. If an agency does not use influencer management software, it is best to find one that does.
  • Having realistic expectations.
    A high price is not always synonymous with good quality, and the results usually take at least 3 or 4 months to start appearing. Any agency that tells you otherwise is not being honest with you.

Influencer Agency in Milan Prices

The growth of influencer marketing is evident in Milan. In fact, 82% of brands have reserved money in their annual budget for this marketing strategy. Despite the fact that Italy offers more opportunities than any other country, it is still difficult succeed due to strong competition.
Depending on their participation, their followers and the type of content, influencers from Milan can earn between 10 and 74,000 Euros per publication. That is why at Le Guide Noir we have created a calculator that estimates the income potential of an influencer. Just enter an Instagram username to get started.

How much does an Influencer Marketing Agency in Milan cost?

Influencer marketing agencies in Milan can charge you between 500 and 50,000 Euros per month. Before talking to any agency, it is essential to know exactly what you want to achieve. You have to take into account that the most expensive company does not always offer the ideal results. However, as a general rule of thumb, you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to these services.
The ROI you can expect from an influencer agency in Milan largely depends on the credibility of the agency and its previous results. Research the companies they have worked with to get an idea of ​​the kind of ROI you might see. If you need help choosing the best influencer agency in Milan, look no further than, they will find your perfect agency from Milan in just 5 minutes.

What services does an Influencer Marketing agency in Milan offer?


Influencer marketing agencies in Milan offer a number of services to help their clients plan, run and monitor influencer marketing campaigns. These may include:

  • Complete campaign: Search, contact, negotiation, execution and monitoring.
  • Product placement.
  • Payment in the form of a product.
  • Ambassador Program.
  • Event tracking.
  • Competition management.

Influencer Company in Milan

With many influencer companies in Milan claiming they can help boost sales for your business through influencer marketing, it is hard to know which one to trust. Our advice? Do not rush into working with anyone, and be sure to research the agency well before signing any contract.

Influencer Marketing in Milan

Partnering with an influencer marketing agency in Milan is one of the best ways to ensure success on social media. An experienced influencer marketing agency will have a wealth of knowledge in running successful social media campaigns and can provide you with strategic planning, content creation assistance, help identify target influencers and measure your results.

Why hire an Influencer Marketing agency in Milan?


As influencer marketing continues to grow globally, it can be tempting to try to run a campaign on your own. However, this type of marketing is much more complex than it seems. To avoid any disaster, we recommend that you work With an experienced team or an agency specialized in influencer marketing in Milan, you can benefit from their experience and specific technology to execute these types of campaigns successfully. There are several reasons to use an experienced influencer marketing agency in Milan, some of which are listed below:

  • 1 - The chances of success increase when you work with a team that already has knowledge and experience in achieving success.
  • 2 - The prices of the services offered by these agencies are usually cheaper than those of a company not focused on influencers, you can save up to 60%.
  • 3 - The saving of time can be important, since it represents a significant saving of both time and money.
  • 4 - The agency will take care of everything for you, from the search to the selection and negotiation of the conditions, going through the execution of the campaign and the measurement of the results.
  • 5 - Make sure any agency you consider also uses technology as part of their process.