Influencer Agency in Málaga

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Influencer Marketing Agency in Málaga

Influencer marketing agencies in Málaga specialize in developing, creating and managing social media campaigns with influencers. They are an essential part of executing strategies and measuring their success. In Málaga, numerous companies offer services for this purpose yet very few provide the optimal quality your business deserves.

For over five years, the Le Guide Noir team has established successful campaigns for major brands including Zara Home, Samsonite, Barceló and H&M. We are now proudly Europe's largest influencer marketing services provider and fourth in the world – a remarkable feat that attests to our commitment to providing both large-scale clients and small/medium business owners with reliable tools & technology.

No matter the size of your business, from small to multinational, do not miss out on this complimentary free consultation with us.

Best Influencer Agencies in Málaga

One to One
One to One
One to One Marketing is a full-service agency with more than twenty years in the business that works to make your brand a unique experience for your clients. They are specialists in transforming your brand's discourse, always from a strategic perspective and with the aim of achieving differentiated, solid and effective communication. The team's 20 years of experience have allowed them to collaborate with clients from a multitude of industries and fields. They help create authentic brands that create bonds and real trust with their consumers. Each client is different and for this reason they work and study their environment individually, to adapt the marketing and communication work to your objectives and needs. They work with brands that want to achieve sustainable, responsible and committed growth. The most outstanding services they offer are media management, strategy creation, creativity and digital development, and social media management. Throughout these years they have carried out more than 200 projects and have achieved more than a thousand advertising impacts. Its clients include, among others, Mahou, Sanitas, Campofrío, Coca-Cola and Codere Apuestas.
Agencia Hendrix
Agencia Hendrix
Hendrix Agency is a Creative Agency specialized in (re)creating brands with character. As they say, they are who they are, because over the last ten years, each person in this agency has lived and experienced their own creative path to come together in what they call the “HENDRIX character”. They work so that your business experiences a positive change. And therefore, your life. They will propose ideas that will make you fall in love, move, make you doubt and why not say it, some will annoy and irritate you. Even if you don't understand it right now, that's what it's all about, differentiating yourself, making you feel. No matter what your project is, they will listen carefully and propose the best solution. They have whatever it takes. Among the services they offer, you will find digital/offline marketing and strategy, web design and development, ecommerce, graphic design and brand image, SEO and SEM positioning, digital transformation for companies and multimedia content creation.
Rmedios Marketing
Rmedios Marketing
R Medios Marketing is a company founded in 2015 dedicated to the development of new businesses for brands and personalities. They are proud to represent a select group of clients, including some of the biggest celebrities in Spain, as well as some of the most relevant companies. They represent all of them with enthusiasm and passion, building business opportunities through new relationships with brands and the audience. As a result of their professional experience in areas such as communication, creativity, new technologies or marketing, they always bring a new approach to the needs of each client. A vision and an essence dedicated to always creating value, paying special attention to detail. The R Medios Marketing team is made up of about ten highly dedicated professionals, according to LinkedIn. They are very proud of their reputation as effective and trustworthy executives, while they consider their integrity and work ethic to be the values ​​that best define them. The services in which they specialize are Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing and the Celebrity Business.
Limon Publicidad
Limon Publicidad
At Limón Publicidad, stories are left behind to tell stories. Stories that connect with each one. True stories, the kind that leave their mark. They leave behind the conventional to convince. Now that disruption is the norm, they stop thinking about it to give your brand a real twist. No more excuses to bet on creativity. They stop talking to talk to communicate in an effective, flexible and ubiquitous way. They leave their comfort zone aside to start building a better brand. They stop making noise to make sound. They leave many things behind to look at life from another point of view. At the advertising and marketing agency Limón Publicidad, they continue to give their all. Among the services they offer are online marketing, branding, advertising campaigns, web design, corporate image, Social Network management and graphic design. According to LinkedIn, the agency was founded in 2000, and currently has nearly fifty employees.

MicroInfluencer Agency in Málaga

Micro-influencers are social media mavens that curate content for their followers across channels like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. With follower counts ranging from 10k to 50k (and sometimes up to 100k!), these influencers make an impact on audiences interested in anything from fashion and beauty trends to parenting advice or travel destinations. Such engaging posts have the potential of turning casual viewers into dedicated customers.

If you're looking for a MicroInfluencers agency in Málaga, there are plenty of options out there. However, when making your selection, it's essential to ensure they have tangible experience with the sector you operate in. Take some time and request an official proposal - this will give you insight into what kind of results they can achieve for your business.

TikTok Agency in Málaga

With TikTok Agencies in Málaga, marketers can get creative and successful on the platform. Each agency has its own specialized team of professionals who create, launch and analyse campaigns specifically tailored to each individual community. All TikTok agencies in Málaga have one thing in common – they have achieved success time after time with their marketing strategies. These companies provide support all around the world for a number of different industries; guaranteeing your campaign will be a triumph no matter where you are located.

How to choose an Influencer Marketing Agency in Málaga

Influencer Marketing is an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes to grow their visibility, generate interest, and expand sales. Yet with the field ever-changing and more influencers surfacing each day, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of competitors. This is why many businesses reach out to Influencer Marketing Agencies in Málaga that assist them maximize their strategies, bridge any gaps in expertise or knowledge they may have missed, as well as launch campaigns with exceptional results.
When you are selecting your Influencer Marketing Agency in Málaga here is what you will want to ask:

  • Speed and excellence are top priorities.
    Crafting an individualized proposal specifically designed for you can be the difference between a successful outcome and failure in your future endeavors. A well-thought out, ad hoc approach ensures that your proposal is not simply a templated document with minimal modifications.
  • The agency must have experience in your field.
    When selecting an agency, make sure they have a track-record of success in your industry and can provide evidence that they have worked with notable companies. Request to see their portfolio so you can assess the caliber of their work before making your decision.
  • The agency you choose must use specific technology.
    Steer clear of an agency that lacks the use of influencer management software.
  • Your expectations must be realistic.
    While excellent services do not come without cost, they are not always overly expensive. If an agency promises you instant results in the first month of working with them, it is best to look elsewhere; typically visible progress occurs between three and four months into utilizing their services.

Influencer Agency in Málaga Prices

The influencer marketing sector continues to grow rapidly. According to recent studies, 82% of the brands in Málaga have already allocated a part of their annual budget to influencer marketing. In addition, more and more money is paid per post as more the market matures.Despite this, it has become quite difficult to be successful in influencer marketing due to increased competition.This is especially true in Málaga, where there are also many opportunities for success.

The cost of an Influencer from Málaga varies depending on their engagement, their followers and the type of content, from €10 per post to €74,000. Created by Le Guide Noir, our calculator gives you an estimate of what an Influencer will charge for a campaign, simply include the Instagram account to get the result.

How much does an Influencer Marketing Agency in Málaga cost?

The monthly fees of influencer marketing agencies in Málaga can increase considerably, with some companies demanding between 500 and 50,000 Euros. Make sure you understand your objectives before meeting with any agency because the most expensive company is not always the best option. In general, for these services you get what you pay for.

Instead of basing your decision on the prices of influencer agencies in Málaga, consider the value you will receive from them. If you choose a reliable agency, their services will pay for themselves. To get an idea of ​​the return on investment you could get, research the companies they have worked with before and the results they've gotten.

Are you looking for the ideal influencer agency in Málaga for your company? is your solution. The team will find your perfect agency in just 5 minutes.

What services does an Influencer Marketing agency in Málaga offer?


Influencer marketing agencies in Málaga help their clients with everything, from planning to carrying out and monitoring their influencer marketing campaigns. Some of the services offered by the influencer agencies in Málaga are the following:

  • Comprehensive campaign management: From search to contact, negotiation, execution and follow-up.
  • Product Placement.
  • Payment of services with exchange of products.
  • Development of ambassador programs.
  • Monitoring of events.
  • Management of contests.

Influencer Company in Málaga

With so many Influencer Marketing companies in Málaga competing for your business, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Be sure to do your research and ask plenty of questions to assess whether or not they are a good fit for you and whether they will be able to deliver on their promises.

Influencer Marketing in Málaga

Partnering with an influencer marketing agency in Málaga is one of the most successful ways to boost your following on social media. While you focus on running your business, they are in charge of creating a strategy, developing content, finding relevant influencers and measuring results, because they know what works and what does not when it comes to social media campaigns.

Why hire an Influencer Marketing agency in Málaga?


Building an influencer marketing campaign from scratch can be attractive, but it is more complicated than you may think. To avoid difficulties, we advise you to build your team internally after you have gained some experience. So, what are the advantages of hiring an influencer marketing agency in Málaga?

  • Experience - You will greatly increase your chances of success if you work with a team that knows how to achieve it.
  • Costs - Normally, the agencies that work with influencers have prices up to 60% cheaper than regular companies.
  • Time - The savings can be substantial if you take into account that time plays a key role.
  • The agency takes care of everything for you - From the search and selection, negotiation, execution, to measurement.
  • Make sure the agency uses technology, ask about it.